I am so glad that you decided to join us today.  Hopefully you will find a lot of things here that are interesting to you.  Right now, since I am just starting this, we are definitely under construction. Give me a little time, and there will be plenty to see and enjoy.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my family. My name is Dale, and I am the proud mother of 5 children, Aletha, John, Carl, Jennifer and Daniel.  I also have 2 step-children, Mike and Christy. Of course, they are all grown now, and have even given me some beautiful grandchildren: Jon-Mykel, Jamie Elaine, Caleb, Cadyn, Dylan, and Drevyn.

Please check out the page I dedicate to my sons...


 I am happily married to my best friend, Lee.

We were married in 1999.

I am very lucky and proud to have found Lee. He is a wonderful man who laughs all the time. After meeting his family I know where it comes from. I love them all, and think the world of his parents. My only regret is that we live so far apart. I would love to live closer to Audrey and Richard.  Lee also has a daughter Christy, and a son, Mike, of whom we are very proud of, and I am glad to be their step-mother.

My Parents are no longer with us.  My father, Glen Edward Bunch passed on in 1977, and is missed everyday. My mother, Almeda Louise Reed Bunch Bentley , was very dear to me. She has been gone for a long time now, but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about her and miss her. To visit her site, just click on her name above.

My mother and I lived with my Grandparents, Martha Jane Thomas Becker (known as Aunt Martha), and August Fritz Becker (known as Papa Beck).  They took care of me while my mother worked.  I called my Grandmother Mama, and my Mother Medalou, her nickname. 

In life, we all lose some of the ones we love.  It is hard to let them go, but we all understand that this is the way of life. Below are links to some of the ones we hold dear in our hearts, and miss every day.  Please stop by and pay your respects to them.

Almeda Reed Bunch Bentley

Eugene Donlon

John R. Ruffing

Martha Jane Thomas Becker

I have several hobbies, but like most, don't have enough time to get them all done.  I love to quilt, sew, and do Swedish weaving (thank you my dear Mother-In-Law for teaching me). She is also the one who taught me to quilt.


I, or I should say we, like to cook, when I am up to it, or we just get tired of the same old thing.  Below is a link to our Recipe Pages. On these pages we are going to put our old tried and true family recipes, and also some of our favorites. (Check these pages often, as new recipes will be added as time goes by.

Please click on the roses to get to the recipes.

There is one thing in this life that is irreplaceable.. and that is a best friend. I have a best friend, whom I consider to be my sister, since we were both only children, and her name is Patti

I could not do a web site and not include her, since she has been a very big and important part of my life since I was the very young age of 13.

One thing I know, it is a great thing to have a friend like I have in Patti. She has been there with me through all the ups and downs of my life.

I know that I don't take the time, or even make the effort to tell her how much I love her, and how much I appreciate her for being there beside me. I believe she knows, but I am telling her here.



I love photography and really enjoy taking pictures of cemeteries. I know this sounds strange, but I believe in preserving the headstones for future genealogists. I like to put the pictures and information I gather from the cemeteries on a special site set up for this called
Find A Grave.

I am also a transcriber for my favorite site of all, which is Genealogy Trails.  I am the host of five counties, McClain, Cleveland, Canadian and Grady, all in Oklahoma.  I am also the host for Lamar County in Texas.

I sincerely love this work, and love the main objective of our site which is to put the genealogy materials online and to keep them free for everyone to research from them.  Our site will never charge a fee, and we work constantly to put more and more information on line for everyone.

Please take a minute or two and check out our site, and feel free to contact us if you have any information to share. Our site is


Everyone is welcome.

I also enjoying taking pictures of scenery, old buildings and especially of my family. One never knows when something will catch your eye and feel like a great picture. I do admit I am very much a novice at this, but I am trying to learn more about this hobby.

Hope you enjoy them.

If you click on the flowers below, it will take you to my Family Photo Pages.  As you will be able to tell, I didn't take most of these, as they are old ones. I am old, but not that old...

Hope you enjoy them.

Genealogy is my greatest hobby, but alas, don't find a lot of time to work on it. Eventually I will have my genealogy up on this site, and hopefully be able to share my information and maybe even learn more about my ancestors.




Jon-Mykel's Personal Web Pages

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One thing I want to say here is that almost all of my pages are very graphic intensive, so give them some time to load.




Our Ice Storm

We have had a big ice storm, so thought I would add a few pictures here to show you how beautiful it was.

Please click on the outhouse below to see them.




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